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Driving your business beyond. We are aiming to be your most trusted collaborative global partner by adding quality to your products and services

about rekadigi

Business Field of Rekadigi Utama

Rekadigi was established as a multi-discipline management and engineering business. The company’s corporate strategy is to continually foster advanced and innovative analysis and design solutions to provide on-time and flexible responses towards the business needs and objectives on the costumer’s behalf.

about rekadigi

Using Sophisticated Analyses Tools

Using advanced design tools (CAD) and sophisticated analyses tools together with the provision of our personnel technical prowess and collaborative culture shall ensure us in providing innovative solutions, professional knowledge, top quality standards, excellent deliverables and competitive prices towards our customers. Most of our projects were mainly driving change, improvement and eventually boosting revenues in the field of the power generation (including renewables), mining, manufacturing and other.


Our Solid Teams

At Rekadigi, we believe that the quality of the people involved is instrumental on driving the project deliveries. We always strive to maintain our integrity and dedication towards the continual improvement of our costumer’s products, process and approach. Therefore, recruiting and retaining a number of talented and experienced personnel has been becoming our outmost priority.